The Challenge

Souls diverging from bodies granting new perspective,
While the physical is depleting, the immortal’s reflective.
Eyes wide open, once plagued with singular vision,
Old hearts bleeding and scarred, now embracing remission.
Minds mortified by media spreading mayhem and malice,
Paired angels documenting the meticulous madness.
Breath launching from lungs, legs finally in flight,
Embracing the arena, striving for unreachable heights.
Optimism overwhelms, silencing the skeptics,
The triumph is tangible, challenge accepted.





A fire that burns deep in souls,
Unlike fragile flames, and more like deep burning coals.
Waiting, anticipating, pondering life,
In desperation of love, dissolution of strife.
A state destroying the walls of my heart,
Internally collapsing right from the start.
Aware that these feelings stand in isolation,
But longing for a miracle, my salvation.

Blind to the beauty reflecting in the mirror,
A certainty that once was much clearer.
Questioning the lack of reciprocal sentiment,
Self-conscious thoughts torturing my existence.
A test from above, evidence of our mortal state,
Telling us, guiding us, imploring us to wait.
Wait.  Patience, the combatant of grief,
Trusting in God, that is my relief.