Staring at the horizon where the waves touch the sky,
Where the infinite feels intimate as the sails drift on by.
In the silence ring the echoes of feelings finally fading,
Realizing that life is change, not stationary contemplating.
Locked eyes now able to observe the periphery,
Affixing the fleeting focus in the scheme of things.
Enthralled by the grandeur of the existence now made clear,
While wishfully waiting for a new centerpiece to appear.


Half of a Whole

You make my day a little brighter, my spirit a little stronger,
my burden a little lighter.
Your words penetrate like an arrow never missing its target,
Your eyes pierce through my brick fortified facade,
reaching the core, past the external mirage.
You are the subject of my dreams, and the hope for my reality.
My heart longs for your heart to feel complete again,
Though my brain is aware that you don’t feel the same.
But hope clings to my soul like roots in a storm,
Never breaking free from the thought of love foregone.
Two opposing pawns on a chessboard, unable to collide,
One hoping for the other to close the divide.
With each sunrise, I awake to thoughts of you,
And pray that one day you’ll feel them too.
But life goes on in the wake of despair,
We must pick up our armor and learn to prepare.
Ready ourselves for the breaking of the dawn,
Bringing new life and new dreams for this pawn.
I will keep you in my heart and pray that you are blessed,
But will live my life until my last breath.




A fire that burns deep in souls,
Unlike fragile flames, and more like deep burning coals.
Waiting, anticipating, pondering life,
In desperation of love, dissolution of strife.
A state destroying the walls of my heart,
Internally collapsing right from the start.
Aware that these feelings stand in isolation,
But longing for a miracle, my salvation.

Blind to the beauty reflecting in the mirror,
A certainty that once was much clearer.
Questioning the lack of reciprocal sentiment,
Self-conscious thoughts torturing my existence.
A test from above, evidence of our mortal state,
Telling us, guiding us, imploring us to wait.
Wait.  Patience, the combatant of grief,
Trusting in God, that is my relief.