Port Dreams

Bare feet imprint destinies upon ever changing sands,
Gazing eyes scan the horizon imagining untouched lands.
Hearts race to the rhythm of waves crashing on shore,
Moist hands clasp the charted course,  adventure is in store.

Virgin travellers evoke sighs of fear as sails lift into the sky,
The comforts of home foregone, oblivion their new ally.
Veteran voyagers eager to embrace the rumbling of the sea,
Their spirits high in paradise, longing to be free.

Conflicting emotions permeate the air converging into one,
Blending with melodic precision on a unilateral mission.
Explorers en masse overshadowing preconceived fear,
Gracefully gliding through currents, a destination unclear.



Pink and purple hues fill the night sky as the sun begins to rise,
Slowly ascending to assume its position above the rigid skyline.
Shadowed by winged creatures transporting my brethren,
Cutting through cumulus clouds, this is my heaven.
Nomadic in nature, adventure permeates my veins,
My desire to escape shackled by monetary gain,
Oh, to be a wide-eyed child free from rationality,
Believing the impossible to be a possibility.
How I long for the days of rose colored glasses,
To break away from this mundane, systematic view of the masses,
But caught up, I must rise to join the cycle once more,
Though my heart is meant to passionately soar.